Imagine, I paid for this website and I only visit it occasionally? I maybe dumb sometimes but this one is really dumb. How can I go some place else and have my stories about ordinary people trying to live their lives went to various platforms instead of this?

I have been writing all my life. Why other writers got bored because they are under the whims of editors and publishers who’d cut and dice their piece until their own thoughts are completely diminished. That’s why blogging suits me well because nobody had the scissor to cut my articles however they want it. My rule is, “No, don’t touch it it’s mine.”

My first amateur write up was in 1993 and was my official article actually. It was picked up by a student researcher from University of Pittsburgh from the US. She then used a paragraph as reference on her book published and is publish online.  I was accorded due acknowledgment so I’m good with it.

It was followed by many contributions and the readers’ feed back showed  that the punches I used to hammer an issue was working very well. But that’s just me…born with a pen in my hands and it is my biggest ammo against many atrocities in life. It’s like having a bow and arrow….

My narratives are littered with grammatical errors. Sometimes the tenses are horribly flawed. But, when one is reading something, especially if you are a perfectionist, don’t you wanna kill the writer for being dumb? At the same time, you can’t let go of what was written because the substance is really rich.

I’m a blogger. I care less about tenses and grammars because I want people to think while reading my piece, something like cursing me as well for horrendous errors. But who cares about it? Social media is a free enterprise. It is the thought that counts. You can be an academic writer with complete researched materials to back up your essay or arguments. But would your reader be yawning long before they even reach the middle part because it feels like wearing a well-ironed shirt paired by a clean cut do from a discounted barber?

No way. Now I’d better start using this site for my selfie stories and personal blogs. It will be like: “The me you’ll come to know?” Or better yet, “I, ME AND MYSELF”  can be appealing. What do they call it? A brag! Not really because who wants to write about me? No one. How about you? No one….

So is it why selfie is re-invented? Re-invented because actually, I mean professionally, Selfie is, Self- Portrait Photography. You just don’t have a Leica. And yes, if I got to win the lotto- I will purchase the most expensive Leica in the world.

That I cannot promise!