Readers might say, “April, who?” But isn’t it that the world is full of strangers and from being strangers, some path intersect in the lives of others and friendship blossoms. Is there anything special about this girl named April that a blogger like me create a space for this story for anyone to read?

Every person in the universe has a story to tell no matter how insignificant they are for you and me. Yet somewhere out there someone love this person unconditionally. April, to us, is but a young girl entering a milestone in her life; ready to embrace the world on her own. Her life and her journeys will be her own secret.

I won’t be writing much about April, who turned 18, very much a Debutante, last April 9th at Rembrandt in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada where the setting and invitations was exclusively private. Let me point my story to the mom who made the celebration extra special. And with it goes that delicate fabric between a mom and her only daughter who definitely fought life together.

So who is this mom that made April extra special? Nothing much about this woman except a lengthy resume’ of who she is. It also happened that I came to know her lately on a private and privileged exchanges of notes. We have one thing in common; we both came as Live-In Caregivers in Canada. But her story is very much different from mine; she’s a wife and a mother. Something that puts a different tune to her unique sacrifices.

Judith Gonzales is best known as the Host of Pinoy Dreams Radio Show at Pinoy Radio in Toronto. She’s got so many accomplishments in life but I will focus on this thread that connect me to this courageous mom. Being one in a path where most marriages broke apart in the course of her journey. Judith is always humbled by the truth that distance can wreck havoc to emotions. Let alone the agonizing pains of being away from her children. Love between couples sometimes fade away at that space and time where absence and emptiness succumbed to a downward spiral of a relationship.

What then is left of this woman when the glory of her past as a wife is gone forever? A mother’s instinctive nature switches to the love for her children. I am pretty sure that even if I haven’t had a chance for Judith Gonzales to sit across the table for an interview so I can write this piece. I don’t need it.

I can pull my narratives to the woman who walked across the room at Rembrandt; strong and proud for her children and for her only daughter, April. Sometimes people bare themselves on unguarded moments. And the night was full of it; revealing, poignant and truthful.

How can one be not so moved when April’s father dances with her daughter across the room. Let me call it a perfect moment when the best man in her life puts his masculine arms to his daughter. A moment where divine friendship between estranged husband and wife showed the world how it is to be friends again and being there for his children. What a sight to behold when a father’s love secured April in that one fleeting moment.

It wouldn’t be much to reminisce something out from the chapters of an old, torn pages of someone’s life. But that was what April’s life played across the banquet hall; that she was bestowed by many graces of parental love. With the room full of families who showered this young girl the affection she so deserved in passing the gate of adulthood.

One story that will linger on for the rest of the Debutante’s life, her mom, her dad, her three other siblings and those closed to them. It was a privileged to see such intricacies of love, friendship and unity.

And yes, April Gonzales will meet the world as an adult with both feet on the ground ready to face the horizon whatever is ahead of her.

Watch video for the highlight of the evening.