FIENNESS MENDOZA Nailed The ‘Battlefield’ On Live Radio

Fienness a rising diva?

Drop your eyebrows! I know, I know, I know…

Diva is a big, big complicated word. What does that mean though? Let me check. Google has this and I quote; “a famous opera singer” Nah! “a famous female singer of popular music”- kind of…But here’s the last definition on this thread, “a woman regarded as temperamental or haughty”- i.e. “she’s such a diva that she won’t enter a restaurant until they change the picture on the walls to her liking.”- Kind of close but there is no way she will ask me to reshuffle anything to her liking. Urban dictionary is a little bit brutal with its definition like, “a female version of a hustler” Oh, hell nah! It adds, “a true diva will do anything to get what she wants.” Now that is called a ‘spoiled brat!’ That suits in between…

That’s what I normally do, google definitions on the web and find the right meaning best suited to the description and intent I want to convey. define Diva as; ‘Talented, but arrogant, female performer.” It’s a bingo for me but I need to omit that word “arrogant” because Fienness isn’t.

So being dubbed a “rising diva” of Toronto or let me widen the geographical coverage to Ontario and let me widen it some more to…..where this young soulful singer’s voice resonates. I am slowly admitting that yes, Fienness Mendoza is slowly rising as a young soulful singer at that.

How far did she walked on her journey in music so much so that she is now one with a recognizable presence online despite her anemic views and followers (SEO is something to learn still) and in the community at large? Her mom said, “We’ve been driving a lot since she was little.” Fienness has been into quite a couple of singing competitions in which she has grown tired of questionable outcomes and quit competing. This was before I’ve known her. We are waiting for anything big, actually, before we put her back competing.

I’m stubborn in refusing to believe really this young girl’s voice is something special. Yet time and again in her performances, she proved me wrong as audiences gave her accolades. There is always those handshakes, words of appreciation and encouragements given to her. Every time she performed and as I sat there among the crowd I’m always listening and thinking what is on this girl’s voice that really tick? Convince me!

It is as if I am looking for a very solid proof that her voice is something for me to say, “Yes…she is now a Diva.” She is my prodigy but I am careful at branding her if it doesn’t fit. But Judith Gonzales, Host of Pinoy Dreams Radio Show at Pinoy Radio did not mince words when she captioned Fienness, “The rising Diva of Toronto.” And the fact that Judith Gonzales gave Fienness Mendoza a spot on her radio show to perform live once a month and playing her cover songs every Sunday during her show, that to me is proof of what Fienness Mendoza has slowly conquered.

Last Sunday, April 10th 2016, Fienness Mendoza came back to Pinoy Dreams Radio Show for her second Live On Air performance (cover) of Jordin Sparks “Battlefield” and for the first time I’ve got a chance to listen on air inside Pinoy Radio studio using my own headphone. Fienness left me in awe of how good she rendered that song “Battlefield” I just can’t hardly believe it I needed to ask myself, “Is this her?”

Yes it was Fienness sitting there  beside the Host of Pinoy Dreams or I could have prick myself with a needle to realize it was her singing that song. That night when she went home, for the first time I sent her a message telling her how good she was and for the first time she replied with “thank youuu…” Now that was weird.

This Saturday, April 16, 2016, Fienness will support a fundraising dinner in Scarborough, Ontario of which one of its Hosts and Founding leaders dubbed her, the “latest young sensation”….

I think I will need some ice cubes in case her tiny fist will swoosh on my face again and hit the mark. She hated my antics, you know…