Senator Enverga Press Release


The Honourable Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Senator

Superior Court found Cusipag & Balita liable for defamation


Toronto, July 19, 2016 – On July 13, the Honourable Sidney Lederman, Judge of the Superior Court of Justice, ruled in favour of the Honourable Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Ontario Senator, in his defamation lawsuit against Balita Media Inc. and publisher Tess Cusipag, in a damning verdict over false and defamatory remarks published about the Senator which alleged fraud related to fundraising efforts on behalf of the Kalayaan Cultural Community Centre (KCCC) in 2000.

The judge awarded Senator Enverga general and aggravated damages, in addition to punitive damages and a permanent injunction against the publisher and her company to publish/broadcast, or assist or encourage others to publish/broadcast, any statements about the issues related to the Senator’s role in KCCC fundraising, the charitable status of the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) and Senator Enverga being a biological and pathological liar.

In the judgement, Justice Lederman wrote in part: “In the end, the defendants have no reliable evidence to prove the truth of the $6,000 fraud allegation or the PCCF donation/tax credit allegation. In fact, Cusipag admitted on discovery that it is not true that Senator Enverga committed a fraud in relation to fund raising activities and that the PCCF allegations are false.”

“… an award of punitive damages is necessary in this case. The defendants, and in particular Cusipag, has done virtually everything she could to destroy and discredit Senator Enverga in an unrelenting manner … They engaged in absolutely no investigation whatsoever as to the truth of what they were publishing. They were recklessly indifferent to the truth of the Article … At no time has there been any retraction or apology given. Cusipag vows to continue to make defamatory statements against the plaintiff [Senator Enverga] and has shown no interest in stopping her efforts or refraining from misconduct. In 2010, after Senator Enverga was elected as a Catholic school board trustee, he arrived late to a press event held by Cusipag [Senator Enverga went to a wake for a good friend]. She published a warning to Senator Enverga. ‘First off is to respect the press who can wield its power to make or break you.’ In the article and on her Facebook page, she is fulfilling the threat that she made against the plaintiff in 2010 that she would destroy him,” the judge continued.

The judgement is clear on the motivation of the Balita publisher, stating that: “Cusipag was motivated by malice. She obviously holds a deep seated resentment towards Senator
Enverga. She used his comments to the Philippine press as a springboard to vent her unfounded allegations in the published Article and her Facebook to intentionally besmirch Senator



The Honourable Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Senator

Enverga’s reputation in the Filipino-Canadian community.” After receiving the decision, Senator Enverga’s counsel, Howard W. Winkler, told the Senator: “The decision is a complete vindication of your reputation. The decision is a complete indictment of Ms. Cusipag.”

“I am relieved by the court’s decision on this matter,” said Senator Enverga in a statement. “This is a victory for the community,” Senator Enverga ended.


For more information please contact: Lars Andersen
Senator Tobias C. Enverga Jr.’s office 613-996-8895

KUYAKUYS RADIO SHOW: Refreshing, Witty, And Funny

‘KUYAKUYS’ sounds definitely Filipino and you are right. Hosted by two young men with a penchant for comical antics yet real in every aspect of their topics, you will be amazed how they perfectly collaborated in making ‘Kuyakuys’ a show to listen on Sundays at Pinoy Radio for two hours from 5 to 7 P.M. It’s no joke steering its listeners for a good two hours on air. But they are on Sundays.

So who are they? Let me start with the one seated inside the booth by the door of Pinoy Radio studio located at Bathurst and Wilson in Toronto, Mr. Joey Abrenilla. A native from Butuan City, Philippines and is a known youth leader in OLA and his community in Toronto. He did a stint as a candidate for the Toronto Catholic District School Board. His youthful status may have deterred his seat as an elected member. He is by all measure a politician. He has a sunny character and all the experiences he gained from trying at an election is for me an indication it was merely a kind of initiation he needs to hurdle to be ready for the next, if he decides so. “Joey A-pol” is his radio name as host of ‘Kuya Kuys’. You need to sit inside the studio to see him fire up his opening lines. It’s witty and funny.

On the other side of the booth is Erick Zonio, who equally energized the tone of the show as he let out sweet and sexy narratives for the show’s listeners. Erick Zonio, radio named “Erick Adobo” as a commercial real estate data coordinator.  He said he occasionally works as a fashion model which is obvious on his looks. There is that sincere smile on his face all the time.

I was asked to sit in before an informal interview so I can get the zest of what the’ Kuyakuys’ Radio Show is all about. Some shows are unintentionally boring but this one is quite an exception.  For one, these are younger guys hosting the show who had the ability to throw jokes to their listeners which are not normally found in many radio shows especially in our culture where more mature men reign in broadcast media.

The show is drawn into five segments;

  1. BALITANG “K” SIKAT- It deal on trending topics, dissect it and input their opinions about the issue in a lighter mood.
  2. KUWENTO MO, E SHARE MO- Callers can call on this segment and talk their hearts out for Kuya Kuys on any topics the caller wants to share.
  3. KUWENTO NI KUYANG- It features short stories with moral lessons.
  4. KULITAN TAYO- Anything goes from tongue twisting to games, dugtungan ng kanta at iba pa.
  5. KAPWA KO LABS KO- This portion is allotted for guests appearances.

From these five segments on a two- hour- long radio show, the listeners have ample time to interact with ‘Joey A pol’ and ‘Erick Adobo’ on air. You are right, their names represent foods.

Life in Canada is always a rush. But Sundays are good days for Filipinos to calm their nerves and then try listening to Pinoy Radio and be a part of ‘Kuyakuys’ Radio Show. It is not just about listening to music on radio. It is also about getting on board with trending issues they tackle. They can also make you Sundays a little lighter. Check them out!

Photo credit: Bong Molano






RYAN ORLANDA is best known as Ryan Pepper in the music community in Toronto, Canada. Ryan comes from a family of what he called “music lovers.” He grew up honing his talent as a singer, dancer and then became a businessman.

As Ryan grew up with utmost music influence, he started singing at the age of 11 when he was in 5th grade. He joined dance and glee clubs in his elementary years and through college, sharpening his inborn talent.

Ryan Orlanda is an avant-garde member of theatre and arts and had been given small roles on TV. His manly voice, which made him suitable on the radio had ample opportunities given to do voice over on radio commercials and news. Ryan graduated BS Public Administration at Pamantasang Maynila and is now on his 11th year in his career and as a businessman. He devout himself as a singer, a host and event specialist.

Ryan whose passion in music drove him to relinquished his regular job and focus on his career and is now known to have handled multifarious engagements like weddings, birthdays, debuts and corporate events. Ryan, a Christian, is motivated by his passion and dedication and has been successful at that, is now managing his own music business “the R Strings Ensemble” with continuous offers of singing engagements.

On the other hand, another budding young music artist who is slowly making a name for herself is Fienness Mendoza who is slated to collaborate a duet with Ryan Orlanda this coming Sunday, May 8th at Pinoy Dreams Radio Show with Host Judith Gonzales- Pinoy Radio Toronto. It also coincided with Mother’s Day. They are collaborating on a powerful love song popularized by Martin Nievera and Regine Velasquez.

It will be streamed live from 4-5 P.M. I think I want to stay home to hear them sing and watch them via live stream. But unknown to many…I am Fienness Mendoza’s driver on most occasions. Isn’t she special? But then who would dispute that this duet on Sunday will be remarkable? Ryan Orlanda sharing his voice with Fienness Mendoza. Awesome!

Again, thanks to Judith Gonzales for believing in Fienness Mendoza as a worthy soulful young Diva coming out in  style all the time. Her remarkable voice should be taken seriously as she prepares to put into recording her first original music with Roy Hamilton III. This multi-platinum producer and mentor is eager on Fienness Mendoza’s first single out.

I don’t mind driving the Eaglet this Sunday because I guess staying home is not an option. Listen to it and watch it on the live stream which will be shared on my FB Timeline.

FIENNESS MENDOZA Nailed The ‘Battlefield’ On Live Radio

Fienness a rising diva?

Drop your eyebrows! I know, I know, I know…

Diva is a big, big complicated word. What does that mean though? Let me check. Google has this and I quote; “a famous opera singer” Nah! “a famous female singer of popular music”- kind of…But here’s the last definition on this thread, “a woman regarded as temperamental or haughty”- i.e. “she’s such a diva that she won’t enter a restaurant until they change the picture on the walls to her liking.”- Kind of close but there is no way she will ask me to reshuffle anything to her liking. Urban dictionary is a little bit brutal with its definition like, “a female version of a hustler” Oh, hell nah! It adds, “a true diva will do anything to get what she wants.” Now that is called a ‘spoiled brat!’ That suits in between…

That’s what I normally do, google definitions on the web and find the right meaning best suited to the description and intent I want to convey. define Diva as; ‘Talented, but arrogant, female performer.” It’s a bingo for me but I need to omit that word “arrogant” because Fienness isn’t.

So being dubbed a “rising diva” of Toronto or let me widen the geographical coverage to Ontario and let me widen it some more to…..where this young soulful singer’s voice resonates. I am slowly admitting that yes, Fienness Mendoza is slowly rising as a young soulful singer at that.

How far did she walked on her journey in music so much so that she is now one with a recognizable presence online despite her anemic views and followers (SEO is something to learn still) and in the community at large? Her mom said, “We’ve been driving a lot since she was little.” Fienness has been into quite a couple of singing competitions in which she has grown tired of questionable outcomes and quit competing. This was before I’ve known her. We are waiting for anything big, actually, before we put her back competing.

I’m stubborn in refusing to believe really this young girl’s voice is something special. Yet time and again in her performances, she proved me wrong as audiences gave her accolades. There is always those handshakes, words of appreciation and encouragements given to her. Every time she performed and as I sat there among the crowd I’m always listening and thinking what is on this girl’s voice that really tick? Convince me!

It is as if I am looking for a very solid proof that her voice is something for me to say, “Yes…she is now a Diva.” She is my prodigy but I am careful at branding her if it doesn’t fit. But Judith Gonzales, Host of Pinoy Dreams Radio Show at Pinoy Radio did not mince words when she captioned Fienness, “The rising Diva of Toronto.” And the fact that Judith Gonzales gave Fienness Mendoza a spot on her radio show to perform live once a month and playing her cover songs every Sunday during her show, that to me is proof of what Fienness Mendoza has slowly conquered.

Last Sunday, April 10th 2016, Fienness Mendoza came back to Pinoy Dreams Radio Show for her second Live On Air performance (cover) of Jordin Sparks “Battlefield” and for the first time I’ve got a chance to listen on air inside Pinoy Radio studio using my own headphone. Fienness left me in awe of how good she rendered that song “Battlefield” I just can’t hardly believe it I needed to ask myself, “Is this her?”

Yes it was Fienness sitting there  beside the Host of Pinoy Dreams or I could have prick myself with a needle to realize it was her singing that song. That night when she went home, for the first time I sent her a message telling her how good she was and for the first time she replied with “thank youuu…” Now that was weird.

This Saturday, April 16, 2016, Fienness will support a fundraising dinner in Scarborough, Ontario of which one of its Hosts and Founding leaders dubbed her, the “latest young sensation”….

I think I will need some ice cubes in case her tiny fist will swoosh on my face again and hit the mark. She hated my antics, you know…



Readers might say, “April, who?” But isn’t it that the world is full of strangers and from being strangers, some path intersect in the lives of others and friendship blossoms. Is there anything special about this girl named April that a blogger like me create a space for this story for anyone to read?

Every person in the universe has a story to tell no matter how insignificant they are for you and me. Yet somewhere out there someone love this person unconditionally. April, to us, is but a young girl entering a milestone in her life; ready to embrace the world on her own. Her life and her journeys will be her own secret.

I won’t be writing much about April, who turned 18, very much a Debutante, last April 9th at Rembrandt in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada where the setting and invitations was exclusively private. Let me point my story to the mom who made the celebration extra special. And with it goes that delicate fabric between a mom and her only daughter who definitely fought life together.

So who is this mom that made April extra special? Nothing much about this woman except a lengthy resume’ of who she is. It also happened that I came to know her lately on a private and privileged exchanges of notes. We have one thing in common; we both came as Live-In Caregivers in Canada. But her story is very much different from mine; she’s a wife and a mother. Something that puts a different tune to her unique sacrifices.

Judith Gonzales is best known as the Host of Pinoy Dreams Radio Show at Pinoy Radio in Toronto. She’s got so many accomplishments in life but I will focus on this thread that connect me to this courageous mom. Being one in a path where most marriages broke apart in the course of her journey. Judith is always humbled by the truth that distance can wreck havoc to emotions. Let alone the agonizing pains of being away from her children. Love between couples sometimes fade away at that space and time where absence and emptiness succumbed to a downward spiral of a relationship.

What then is left of this woman when the glory of her past as a wife is gone forever? A mother’s instinctive nature switches to the love for her children. I am pretty sure that even if I haven’t had a chance for Judith Gonzales to sit across the table for an interview so I can write this piece. I don’t need it.

I can pull my narratives to the woman who walked across the room at Rembrandt; strong and proud for her children and for her only daughter, April. Sometimes people bare themselves on unguarded moments. And the night was full of it; revealing, poignant and truthful.

How can one be not so moved when April’s father dances with her daughter across the room. Let me call it a perfect moment when the best man in her life puts his masculine arms to his daughter. A moment where divine friendship between estranged husband and wife showed the world how it is to be friends again and being there for his children. What a sight to behold when a father’s love secured April in that one fleeting moment.

It wouldn’t be much to reminisce something out from the chapters of an old, torn pages of someone’s life. But that was what April’s life played across the banquet hall; that she was bestowed by many graces of parental love. With the room full of families who showered this young girl the affection she so deserved in passing the gate of adulthood.

One story that will linger on for the rest of the Debutante’s life, her mom, her dad, her three other siblings and those closed to them. It was a privileged to see such intricacies of love, friendship and unity.

And yes, April Gonzales will meet the world as an adult with both feet on the ground ready to face the horizon whatever is ahead of her.

Watch video for the highlight of the evening.




I was just switching to Pinoy Dreams segment today (March 13, 2016)  at Pinoy Radio when I heard the Host, Judith Gonzales choked up on her pleadings to support the petition she and others have initiated to clear the Canadian immigration backlog of about 48,000 applications for permanent resident status for Caregivers which has been in the system longer than it should.

Why Ms. Judith Gonzales is very passionate about this campaign is her own experience as a Caregiver in coming to Canada; losing her marriage and for her children suffering over prolonged waiting to be reunited.

I can write this narratives with eyes closed because I was a Caregiver myself when I came to this country. Edmonton is considered my home as my rubber shoes skidded on a knee- deep snow in Millwoods hauling my luggage to my new employment. I remember being served a hot soup on a bowl by my employers. Boy, wasn’t it too hot my tears started streaming. But that was part of my new environment; eating roti like a pro.

But even before I came to this country, I was always actively involved on issues with my fellow OFWs through my writings. This is my biggest campaign tool to ensure I am and those many others be heard, loud and clear. It’s like giving my Editor-in-Chief prior to my flight to Canada a bombshell about money lenders using passports as collateral and agencies conniving with loan sharks to force newly arrived OFWs to apply for loans. The result was a sweeping roundup by that country’s police force confiscating all passports they kept for collateral and return it to the Philippine Embassy in that country. What a shame it was.

I seldom write a stinging article because when I do, it has to hit the mark. Why would I not tweet a priest who treated our youth indifferently? But at the end of it, there is that thing called ‘reconciliation.’ All things will be water under the bridge after a flood of inconvenient truths.

So why am I blogging about the Petition to clear the backlogs for Caregivers? Because now it matters. Our community will be thankful for Judith Gonzales of Pinoy Dreams Radio Show, Faye Arellano- a journalist, and Analyn Aryo, co- host of Pinoy Dreams for initiating this huge task of rallying Filipinos in Canada and the world to help our Caregivers get their long awaited permanent status and let them be reunified with their families and let them live a normal life with their loved ones right here.

It will not be about politics because it is now the Liberals under Minister John McCallum who is looking into what’s wrong with the system and for the backlogs to be cleared. This is a step in the right direction because then someone will be doing something for the mothers who came as Caregivers to finally be free from the bondage of flawed immigration system.

Caregivers under the Live-In Caregiver Program are supposed to be given landed status at the completion of 24 months. This LCP (Live-In Caregiver Program) is one of the easiest channel to find employment in Canada. It helps Canadian families go to work at the same time, have a Caregiver nurture their children. Caregivers are important to Canadian families. It is reminiscent of my Edmonton employers who were both surgeons. They left home early and sometimes they can’t come home early at the end of day. They rely on the Caregiver, like me, for the love and care of their children. I’m not a mother but the love developed at this point of being a Caregiver is sublime. You will eventually love their children and watch them like a hawk when the parents are not around.

Most Caregivers have families back home. They have husbands and children who misses them and long to be with them. Some Caregivers lost their footing and fall prey on bad elements. Two years and a couple of months of waiting for the processing of their applications for landed status isn’t that bad. But when it stretches up to 10 years of waiting, let me call it a  mess and a failure on the part of the Canadian immigration.

There are so many problems that goes along with the LCP. There are so many people with vested interests who ruined it; unscrupulous individuals faking documents to process applicants for large sum of money is one factor that made the government tighten the rules. Let me add a Minister who branded LCP as a means to get families to enter Canada. But he missed the point as to how the reunification of families of Caregivers help build the Canadian economy because Caregivers are paying taxes right on their first salary.

FAMILY REUNIFICATION which is the top priority of this petition to grant landed status of the applicants in the backlogs. We believe that Caregivers need our support and signing the petition will help their cause be represented to the government.

Sign the online petition or sign the paper form. I think at one point in our lives we need to stand up for something.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. Once it reaches its threshold, it will be submitted to the government.



Imagine, I paid for this website and I only visit it occasionally? I maybe dumb sometimes but this one is really dumb. How can I go some place else and have my stories about ordinary people trying to live their lives went to various platforms instead of this?

I have been writing all my life. Why other writers got bored because they are under the whims of editors and publishers who’d cut and dice their piece until their own thoughts are completely diminished. That’s why blogging suits me well because nobody had the scissor to cut my articles however they want it. My rule is, “No, don’t touch it it’s mine.”

My first amateur write up was in 1993 and was my official article actually. It was picked up by a student researcher from University of Pittsburgh from the US. She then used a paragraph as reference on her book published and is publish online.  I was accorded due acknowledgment so I’m good with it.

It was followed by many contributions and the readers’ feed back showed  that the punches I used to hammer an issue was working very well. But that’s just me…born with a pen in my hands and it is my biggest ammo against many atrocities in life. It’s like having a bow and arrow….

My narratives are littered with grammatical errors. Sometimes the tenses are horribly flawed. But, when one is reading something, especially if you are a perfectionist, don’t you wanna kill the writer for being dumb? At the same time, you can’t let go of what was written because the substance is really rich.

I’m a blogger. I care less about tenses and grammars because I want people to think while reading my piece, something like cursing me as well for horrendous errors. But who cares about it? Social media is a free enterprise. It is the thought that counts. You can be an academic writer with complete researched materials to back up your essay or arguments. But would your reader be yawning long before they even reach the middle part because it feels like wearing a well-ironed shirt paired by a clean cut do from a discounted barber?

No way. Now I’d better start using this site for my selfie stories and personal blogs. It will be like: “The me you’ll come to know?” Or better yet, “I, ME AND MYSELF”  can be appealing. What do they call it? A brag! Not really because who wants to write about me? No one. How about you? No one….

So is it why selfie is re-invented? Re-invented because actually, I mean professionally, Selfie is, Self- Portrait Photography. You just don’t have a Leica. And yes, if I got to win the lotto- I will purchase the most expensive Leica in the world.

That I cannot promise!


As usual, we will come down to my basement and just pushed that red camera button for a video with Fienness Mendoza. This artist on regular basis  or just plain singing does not have fancy mic or audio. We just rely on my pro camera mic. After all, we prefer to listen to her voice.

Here’s one below in Youtube for your Valentine.


Two young music artists one from Durham Region, Ms. KEEANA CEREZO of the group Clique from Toronto and emerging music solo artist from Hamilton, Ontario, Ms. FIENNESS MENDOZA are throwing their full support to Team Canada who will be competing in Manila, Philippines this coming March 13-17, 2016 for SM NBTC LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held at Mall Of Asia.

On January 23, 2016, FIENNESS MENDOZA  will sing at the Opening of NABA GTA League  to be held at Glenforest Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario for the Canadian Anthem while Keeana Cerezo will sing for the Philippine National Anthem.

More stories to follow after the Opening event. PMN tv will cover the event.